1. Please read the information on the website carefully before submission.
2. All papers should be original and unpublished.
3. Please provide reliable contact information in the email text, including address, telephone, email etc.
4. At least one author of each article should attend to the conference.
5. A maximum of two articles per author and per volume is accepted.

Important Date
the meeting time countdown
    • Submission Deadline

      June 2th, 2017

    • Acceptance Notification

      1-2 weeks after submission

    • Registration Deadline

      June 16th, 2017

    • Conference Date

      July, 14th-16th, 2017

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    2017 Apr 10 >>AEST2017 business group has recently received many author feedback, missed the delivery date due to the article is still in preparation failed to contribute on April 7. Therefore, the organizing committee decided to open a new round of contributions, The deadline: June 2, 2017. Please have the time to prepare your manuscript and submit it to the official mailbox to accept the manuscript.

    2017 Apr 10 >>AEST2017会务组最近收到诸多作者反馈,由于文章还在准备中未能及时在4月7号投稿。因此,组委会决定开启新一轮征稿, 截稿日期为: 2017年6月2日。请有需要的作者抓紧时间准备好您的稿件并提交至会议官方邮箱接受审稿。

    2017 Apr 5 >>AEST2017 has been entered into Atlantis Press conference lists.-AEST2017已经进入Atlantis Press(出版社)会议程序列表。

    2017 Apr 1 >>AEST2016会议论文集已经正式出版,出版时间为2016年11月8号,您可点击出版社官网查看上届出版信息

    Online ISSN: 2352-0973

     Print ISSN: 2352-0965

    2017 Mar 29 >>AEST conference deadline of Apr 7th,please submit your articles to or online Submission,your participation in this conference will be better.

    2017 Feb 04 >>Warmly welcome Prof. Nikolay Kinsht and Ph. D. Alexander Kukharenko to AEST2017 as keynote speaker. We believe the conference would be better.

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Keynote Speakers
Prof. Nikolay Kinsht
Far East State University, Vladivostok, Russia.

Prof. Hui-Ming Wee
Associate Dean, College of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science.
Distinguished Professor, Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering
Chaplain, Chung Yuan Christian University (CYCU)

Prof. Hui-Ming Wee
Professor, Institute of Digital Mechatronic Technology, Chinese Culture University, Taipei, Taiwan.

Prof. Shien-Kuei Liaw
Distinguished Professor, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan.

Ph. D. Alexander Kukharenko
Head researcher in “Branch of United Rocket and Space Corporation Institute of Space Device Engineering”

Welcome to AEST2017!

Welcome to the official website of the 2017 2nd International Conference on Advanced Electronic Science and Technology (AEST2017). AEST2017 will be held in Xiamen, China, from 14-16 July, 2017, Experts of this relevant field from various areas and countries will be invited to give the specific speech.
With the fast developing of information age, researchers in different fields have begun to make studies on some new ideas and methods related to the advanced electronic science and technology. AEST2017 is an outstanding conference gathering scholars, engineers, scientists from theAdvanced Electronic Science and Technology to exchange their thoughts face to face. The organization committee shows its sincere welcome to you to the experts to showcase their research results in the fields of Advanced Electronic Science and Technology.
The leading researchers, scholars and experts of the fields will be brought together to attend the international conference. We warmly welcome the prospective authors who are interested in the fields to submit their up-to-date and original research papers to the AEST 2017 Organizing Committee so as to share their valuable experience with the leading researchers, scholars as well as experts of the fields around the world.
Besides the meaningful academic conference, you can also get a chance to enjoy the beauty of Xiamen City. Xiamen, formerly romanized as Amoy, is a sub-provincial city in southeastern Fujian, China, beside the Taiwan Strait. The city is known for its mild climate, Hoklo influence and colonial architecture, as well as its relatively low pollution. In 2006, Xiamen was ranked as China's 2nd-"most suitable city for living", as well as China's "most romantic leisure city" in 2011, and so on. Meanwhile, you can also taste many kinds of delicious foods here. It will be no wonder that you can have a pleasant trip in Xiamen.

AEST2017 is organized by the Science and Engineering Research Center (Hongkong) ( The Authorization Certificate

S&E stands for The Science & Engineering Research Center. It has achieved a lot in the field of science and engineering. Science & Engineering Research Center(S&E) is an independent, nonprofit research and development organization. The research center has hosted many professional academic conferences in recent years.

AEST2017会议由香港科学与工程研究中心主办 ( ). 该中心一直致力于研究和开展各项领域的会议学术交流. 授权书
AEST2017-Call For Papers-中文征稿函.pdf


The proceeding of AEST2016 have been published by Atlantis Press. For more publication information, please refer to The Proceeding of AEST2016 .

AEST2016会议论文集已经被Atlantis Press出版社成功出版,详情请查看The Proceeding of AEST2016 .

All submissions must be original, unpublished, and not submitted concurrently for publication elsewhere.
All the papers accepted by AEST2017 will be published by Atlantis Press and submitted to EI and CPCI index by the publisher.
AEST2017 has been entered into Atlantis Press conference lists

  • Submission Instruction.

  • 1.Paper Submission Deadline: June 2th, 2017 
    2.All papers should be written in English and submitted via Email:
    3.Note:Please provide reliable contact information in the email text, including address, telephone, email etc.
    4.All submissions must not be less than 4 pages in length. If your paper exceeds 6 pages in length, you need to pay for the additional pages. 

  • About Atlantis Press.

  • Atlantis Press founded in 2006, Atlantis Press is a scientific publishing company aiming at serving the scientific and intellectual community by providing researchers with the best environment to get their works published, referenced, read and cited. Atlantis Press adheres to the Creative Commons principles and favours Open Access publishing. Atlantis Press aims at providing world-class services for its authors, editors, conference organisers and readers by offering the up-to-date services they may expect from a professional publisher. Atlantis Press publishes high quality, peer-reviewed conference articles, journals and books, primarily in electronic format on the Internet but also in print and other media. Many of our publications are freely accessible, i.e. without charge, in our on-line repository. Books are published at prices affordable not only for institutions but also for individual scholars and students.

Call for Papers

All papers should be written in English and submitted via Email:
All submissions must not be less than 4 pages in length. Otherwise, if your paper exceeds 6 pages in length, you have to pay for the additional pages.
Authors can refer to the following guidelines to prepare their papers -Template of AEST2017
Topics of interest, but are not limited to:

1. Electrical Engineering and Automation
2. Electronic Circuits and Systems
3. Electromagnetism
4. Electrical Power and Other Related Technology and Application

Please do not hesitate to contact us whenever you have any question.
Contact Person: Mason Leen/Karen    Email:    Tel: 13148731638     

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